Friday, May 29, 2009

body lumens

So I did some experiments earlier on in the year with lumen printing (aka printing with fogged photo paper). Its a really neat process and it's exciting because you never really know how it's going to turn out.

For my roomie's independent study class she decided to do some full body lumen prints. Our professor had some old rolls of really big photo paper that were no longer usable in the traditional way, therefore were perfect for lumen printing. Heres what she came up with . . .

we unrolled the paper in our dark hallway and carried it out covered in a blanket. then we secured the corners with some heavy books. When she was ready I whipped the blanket off and she threw herself down onto the paper. so dramatic.

the way the sun was slanted created a weird distorted ghost image

each print took about 15 minutes till they were ready to being in

for this one she lay face down (think yoga child pose ) and the humidity from her eyes, nose, and mouth left marks on the paper . it looks so creepy!

during our last print a dumpster pulled up next to us for moving day. they must have thought we were crazy

Overall her prints turned out pretty cool and it was interesting to see certain details show up. In one print her feet turned a completely different color and various details of her face and ears would show up in other prints. Some of them were downright eerie!! Anyways, definitely a fun experiment.

more leaf prints!

I was finally able to make some more of these once the sun came out again . . .

All my leaf prints are from the same type of leaves and even the same location, but they look so different!

To learn how to make these prints see my previous post

Sunday, May 10, 2009

leaf print

Sunny days have finally come!! I've been waiting for some nice weather so that I could do some more experimenting with lumen prints as well as this crazy photosynthesis printing technique that I found at

I had been taking some walks around campus and I found these huge cabbage-like leaves that I felt would be perfect to use for my leaf print. What you do is take a broad green leaf and place a photo positve on top of it and sandwhich them between a hard surface and some plexiglass/glass. Leave the leaf/positive sandwich out in the direct sun for at least a day (until the parts of the leaf you can see have turned a yellowish or brownish white.

I was a bit skeptical when I took my leaf inside to unveil it, it just looked like the leaf was dying or something, but when I pulled off my positive, the parts that were dark and blocked from the sun by my positive were still the dark green of the leaf and all the light areas had turned white with the bleaching of the sun. It worked!! Im not sure how the print will last, I've now sandwhich my delicate leaf inbetween some museum board, but I plan on scanning it soon.

This process is amazing yet so simple! Who would have thought you could print photographic images directly onto leaves using nothing but good ol mother nature? Anyways, this print was an experiment to see if these leaves were the proper canvas and to see if this process actually works, but I plan on doing a series of these leaf prints with some new images I've been planning. Just gotta keep praying for sunshine!