Tuesday, September 30, 2008

all settled in

So I'm finally all settled in at good ol UMBC. It's wierd to be back here on campus after being away at another school. It really is like coming home:) And now that I'm back and fully equipted with my craft supplies maybe I can start creating again (u know . . . when i dont have homework . . . ;)

this is my room. can u spot ollie?

haha trick question, he was under the pillow. here he comes!

so i also started working at this bakery in ellicott city. heres some of my bakery booty

I'm also really happy to be home with my roomies. I missed them lots!
yep this is a normal activity

So hopefully, between classes, homework and my new weekend job, I'll be able to squeeze out some crafts. Of course I will be doing a lot of art in my studio classes, I'm looking forward to incorporating that into some of my upcoming projects.

Friday, September 26, 2008

recycled or recycleable?

As I was shopping around for cardstock at JoAnne's and inspecting the labels, I found myself asking does the little recycle symbol mean the cardstock is made from recycled materials or does it merely mean it's recyclable? And if it is recycled doesn't it have to tell you what percentage of it is recylced? The labels offered me no information and I took this ambiguity as a bad sign. I always feel wary of labels if they seem a bit open ended.

I wasn't sure if I was the only one missing out on this info, or if other eco concious crafters were confused as well. So I decided to do a little research. I found a website that completely cleared everything up.

This symbol means the object has been made from recycled materials. If it has no percentage inside then the object is made from 100% recycled materials. If there is a percentage, then that is the percentage of recycled materials that was used to make the product.

This symbol means the object is recycleable.

I was happy to learn that the cardstock I purchased was indeed 100% recycled as well as recycleable. Thank you internet and thank you JoAnne's for carrying recycled products!

Monday, September 22, 2008

peas&carrots at bel air festival for the arts

I go to Bel Air Festival for the Arts every year. My mom used to be really involved with the planning and she always had a booth to sell her jewelry and then later her beautiful art quilts. She usually let me sell some of my crafts in her booth, or sometimes my sister and I would sell jewelry in the youth section. This year was the first year I had a full booth all to myself and it was pretty exciting!

Here's my booth! I really enjoy organizing displays and personalizing a space:)

some beautious fused plastic bag flower clips

I made some cards from a cute hedgie stamp I carved

bottle cap necklaces galore!

I realy like using antique and every day item displays. My dad found me these old washboards and an old lunch box in our barn. The coffe cans were a last minute find in our basement haha

my grandma Joann modeling her new bottle cap earrings:)

At my booth I sold my new bottle cap jewelry, some recycled art nick nacks, handmade cards, and my new fused plastic flowers. People seemed very interested in my display and most would smile and remark how funny and clever it was to make bottle caps into jewelry. Most people really got a kick out of it and many husbands remarked that this was a craft that they would gladly support and participate in lol.

Overall I really had a great time hanging out in my booth and talking to people. Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to look around at the other booths, but I did get a chance to peak into the youth section for a bit since my little cousin had a table there. She was selling her homemade dog treats and toys. She called her products Double Doggie Treats and she donated 10% of her sales to the humane society. I think its amazing that she not only found a way to have fun making crafts for the animals she loves so much, but she also found a way to help make a difference. And man was she a hit!! She sold out before 1 o clock, a record I believe.

Long live Bel Air festival!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bel Air Festival for the Arts

So this sunday (sept 21st) is the annual Bel Air Festival for the Arts and I'm pretty excited! There will be tons of vendors, food, music and fun so definitely come by!

I've definitely got some last minute stuff to finish up, but I will have a lot of new stuff at my booth this year. I've got tons of bottle cap necklaces, earrings, some magnets, and some new fused plastic creations. Stop by and see me:)

Need Directions? Here yah go!