Tuesday, September 30, 2008

all settled in

So I'm finally all settled in at good ol UMBC. It's wierd to be back here on campus after being away at another school. It really is like coming home:) And now that I'm back and fully equipted with my craft supplies maybe I can start creating again (u know . . . when i dont have homework . . . ;)

this is my room. can u spot ollie?

haha trick question, he was under the pillow. here he comes!

so i also started working at this bakery in ellicott city. heres some of my bakery booty

I'm also really happy to be home with my roomies. I missed them lots!
yep this is a normal activity

So hopefully, between classes, homework and my new weekend job, I'll be able to squeeze out some crafts. Of course I will be doing a lot of art in my studio classes, I'm looking forward to incorporating that into some of my upcoming projects.

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lu-n-am said...

Ollie is adorable!!!
Good luck with the craft making, keep us updated~
-Lu n' Am