Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sewing projects!

Wow, it seems like I haven't posted in forever! Winter break went by pretty fast, but I did manage to fit a few fun projects in.

My sister and I went to visit our grandparents in Florida for about a week, and like always we filled our days with sewing, cooking, and of course our daily strolls on the beach:) My grandma is an amazing quilter (mom learned from the best!) and my sister and I love working on sewing projects with her. This year my sister made a quilt, and I made a few smaller projects . . .

I made this wallet from a pattern my grandma had stashed

now my roomates won't get annoyed with me everytime I have to find something in my wallet, no more ten minute digs, Im organized!

I got to use some really gorgeous vintage buttons my grandma had saved

when I got home from our trip I wanted to prove to myself that I wouldn't forget all my newly learned sewing skills, so I made myself a little sewing kit! complete with mini scissors, thread, pins, and needles . . . basically all the mini sewing tools I could find in my mom's old sewing studio.

So I really hope to continue sewing, (especially since now I've semi-mastered how to thread a bobbin), and use my skills in some of my other projects. I'd really like to use my fused plastic bags to make some simple wallets or even some small zippered bags like my sewing kit. Also, I've been cutting out blocks for a t-shirt quilt I've started. I'm collecting all my old t-shirts that I really don't wear anymore and I'm going to make them into a comfy cozy quilt. Sooo many sewing projects so little time!! Most of them will have to wait till the summer when I'm finished with classes. o well.


Brianne said...

My first real sewing project was making a kilt that would fit around a grocery cart for an urban iditarod last summer. Funny what motivates you.

I have a pending project with my niece Cary to sew stuffed Banthas by hand. Found that gem on the Star Wars Fan blog.

Love your wallet!

lu-n-am said...

very cute projects~ I wish i could sew!!