Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I'd say my craftathon was pretty successful. I managed to make a few more necklaces and earrings, some boxes, and even some hair barrettes. I think these are my favorite for the day:

Gotta love baltimore legend Edgar Allan Poe. I think my uncle gave me these bottle caps, I'll have to find out what kind of beer they are from. The when I turn 21 (in 16 more days) I'll be sure and buy some.

One thing I've realized though, is that I really need to get organized. I really wanna organize my beads once and for all. If you're like me, you have way more beads then anyone has a right to, and they seem to be sprinkled in whatever container was available at the time without rhyme or reason. I think I'd be a lot more efficient if I could downsize my containers and organize things so that I could actually find them. But you know, Ill probably put that off for another few weeks. I at least want it done before I go back to school. It'll make it a lot easier to bring with me.

Anyone have any great bead/craft supplies organization tips?

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