Sunday, August 10, 2008

funky wallets

So I've been experimenting with creating wallets from the fused plastic I've been making (learn how to fuse plastic bags). I discovered that if you have clear plastic bags, you can cut out shapes from other colored bags and place them between the layers. You can create fun patterns that way! I had thought about putting other things between the layers (like sequins or dried flowers . . .), but I read on another site that the layers just won't fuse together around the objects and it won't work. I wonder if embossing powder or bits of glitter would work? I'll have to try. Anyways, here's a picture of the first wallet I've made. I'm pretty excited about it.


My boyfriend was cleaning out his room the other day when he happened upon a ginormous bag bursting at the seems with plastic bags that he couldn't "bear to throw away". Apparently he's been saving them for years, it's destiny I suppose that brought us together (me and the plastic bags;) Anyways there are bags of every color you could imagine! There is even bright pink and teal. I can't wait to start using them. I think I could make some pretty funky stuff.

Hopefully if I get the technique down just right and make some more of these wallets, I'll be posting them on etsy soon, or maybe even selling them at my next show . . . we'll see:)

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