Wednesday, August 13, 2008

mom's garden:)

a few days ago I went with my family to visit my mom's garden. My step dad and other family members and friends planted the garden so that we could all visit it and remember her by the bright colors and flowers she loved so much and used so often in her art. It's really blooming quite beautifully and it's a nice spot to visit on a warm sunny day:)

beautiful black eyed susans

sunflowers were my mom's favorite flowers. I know shes laughing because the 4 ft sunflowers that were planted turned out to be 8 ft giants!

my aunt deibbie and the rest of my family admiring the garden

zinnias are my favorite flower

the garden forms a round shape like a sun and crescent moon

I'm going back again soon to do some weeding. I think one great thing about having a garden is that we can all be a part of it. By giving the garden our love, my mom's legacy of spreading and sharing beauty continues:)

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